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At Techris Computer Solutions, we define our success by the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our work. We strive to give you all the benefits of a big business with the care and personal touch of a neighbor.


We scale to any task, big or small to ensure the satisfaction of any customer, combining streamlined and efficient procedures with the wide variety of services we offer. 

As a small business, our customers make our success. We always look forward to forming a relationship with you, our customer, and proving that we are worth your trust.

We look forward to contributing our technological prowess to your home or to your team!


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As someone who is rather technologically inept, I often felt anxious when I had a tech need because I always get that feeling that my ignorance is exploited to get me to pay more for less. This anxiety has vanished since I found Techris! Not only am I always very satisfied with the service, response time, and quality of work, I only ever walk away feeling confident that Techris is a company that truly cares about and values it's customers.

Devon L.

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